Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Although Botanicaust didn’t win, it received all 4’s and 5’s. I truly appreciate the judge’s comments. Any book clubs, Sci-fi reading groups, or libraries that want to read and discuss Botanicaust, I’m available!

WD Self Pub Book Awards

Author Tam Linsey has a unique way of world building in her book Botanicaust. Readers who like speculative fiction will appreciate her ability to create relatable characters, even though they are different from anyone or anything in the real world. This story leaves a haunting impression long after the book is finished. There was never any question who to pull for in the story, and all of the characters seemed well motivated for their actions. Linsey’s writing chops and storytelling skills are evident throughout the book, and they show through the pacing of the story and the flow of the wording. Botanicaust appears to have been well edited because I didn’t see any glaring technical errors that pulled me out of the story. The language is sophisticated yet easy to read. Even some of the scientific terms were understandable in the context of the scene. The front cover is haunting and eye catching. The back cover copy is well written. However, I recommend tightening it up just a tad more. This would be a fun book to promote to book clubs, science fiction reading groups, and libraries. Once word of mouth starts buzzing about this book, the rest of the series will most likely be on automatic pilot with sales. Great job!

~ Judge, 22nd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

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