Hope for Michael – a Reader’s Question

From Laura
Re: The Reaping Room

Any chance we’ll ever get to see what happens to Michael? I wish he could go outside, he’d come on leaps and bounds. I just want to wrap him in my arms and hug him! I have some wrap around sunglasses he can borrow, they look kind of like swimming goggles, maybe we can get him to someone who’d care? What would happen if they tried to turn him at the protectorate? his mind seems malleable enough that he could take to that way of life.

Tam says:

Thanks for the great question! Poor Michael. I don’t have any immediate plans to include him in future books. His situation is pretty hopeless, trapped in the mountain with the Fosselites. The Protectorate doesn’t accept “flawed” members – remember they wanted to euthanize Levi because he’s a carrier for CF? The Fosselite children tend to die young from genetic complications, although Michael is a particularly healthy guy. I guess the Fosselites did re-enter negotiations with the Protectorate (sort of) through Councilman Rael. Nothing is off the table at this point, even for Michael.

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